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Welcome to DealzGuru.com. Our website is governed by our Terms and Conditions. Any use of the website DealzGuru.com via any of the electronic device or physical copy automatically acknowledges your agreement and acceptance to the following terms and conditions. Our AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) is specifically designed to ensure that DealzGuru doesn’t hold any partial standards. It works for everyone without from this platform. The AUP comes into action from the moment you Sign-up and/or to our website for the first time. By accepting our terms and conditions/AUP, you accept and agree to bind by our Terms of Use, Listing Policy and Privacy Policy of our website.

Using DealzGuru.com

If you use DealzGuru, you accept and understand that DealzGuru is an electronic platform that uses the internet to facilitate communication between the seller and the buyer for the advertisement and distribution of goods or/and services.

You also agree that we don’t support, promote and/or market any information, posting, listing nor do we come into engagement/possession of any goods/services and/or you have listed/posted or provided information about our website while interacting with other users.

Once you use DealzGuru Classified and other related services like feedback, comments and discussion forum and other important information, you should post all relevant post in the appropriate field and you strictly agree to govern by our AUP which includes listing policy of your classified which shall not violate the restricted or prohibited policy. These policies are referred to as our Listing Policy.

Any Information that you provide us at the time of posting, listing, registration and replying process in classified is considered “Your Information” in the feedback form or while providing information services with features. You also agree that you are solely accountable and responsible for the information that you provide on this mere platform for the publication and distribution of your goods/service.

That the www.DealzGuru.com and the user have consent over the Posting and/or Listing of the information:

  1. Shall not be misrepresented and/or used any fraudulent method to pertain or mislead for the sale of any stolen/theft goods and/or service, counterfeit, and/or illegal thing.
  2. Shall not pertain to sell such product or service of which you don’t hold any lawful ownership or you are not authorized for the same. It also covers product or services that don’t belong to you.
  3. Shall not violate any right of privacy/publicity, any proprietary right or trade secret
  4. Shall not comprise any such material that projects an expression/impression of racism, bigotry or any hatred based on Age, Caste, Religion, Race, Nationality, Preferences (Lifestyle) and/or Derogatory.
  5. Shall not contain any explicit content, pornography or any indecent projection of character towards the woman.
  6. Shall not consider, distribute or come (s) under any spam or activity in any form.
  7. Shall not contain any technology such as virus or malware that can harm www.DealzGuru.com its property or interests or in any case impose any load unreasonably to the infrastructure of www.DealzGuru.com.
  8. Shall not attempt to offer directly or indirectly attempt to trade and/or offer any goods and services that default contains certain prohibitions and/or restrictions in any kind or manner that are applicable by law or abide by the rules of government.
  9. Shall not be kept in or placed under the wrong category or incorrect area anywhere within the site.

Listing Policy

You agree to connect with us or receive communication with/by us through Call and/or email or any such electronic mode of communication or otherwise related to the services that our website provide.

You also agree that your posting, listing and/or any sort of communication for information: if you register on the website and start using it, you tend to be responsible towards maintaining the confidentiality of the credentials like USER ID, Email Address, Password, their distribution or restricted access to other users. You are also responsible for all the activities that take place under your User ID. The AUP still applies to you in the same manner as it applies to the above if you use any other electronic.


Any use of www.DealzGuru.com either by registering yourself or using any other mean of usage, is available for only those who carry Indian citizenship and are 18 years and above.

Abuse of DealzGuru:

You agree upon contacting us for providing information about any violation or offensive action against our Listing Policy or violation of Intellectual property. Follow this link to connect with us DealzGuru.com and help us keep this website performing all the tasks efficiently. We reserve all the rights to take down any listing, posting or information and/or termination of any services. Furthermore, we can take any legal step towards preventing misuse of our website. Use the link connect@dealzguru.com to connect with us in case you encounter any sort of Issue.

Violations/Infringement by User

You also show consent in the event of posting, listing or any of your information to us and/or user violates our Listing Policy or AUP, DealzGuru holds all the rights to suspend or terminate your membership or services by you for the site.


The website contains information about the website www.DealzGuru.com, the information about the user and information about other users. You agree not to modify, copy or distribute any such information or content for your and other’s use. Any information that you provide us is a part of worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, license to use and sub-licensable right. Notify us in case you find us any violation.

DealzGuru.com holds all the right of removing any content or termination of service under the suspicious or violation ground.


Using DealzGuru, you agree will not try to hold www.DealzGuru.com or any of its employees, officers, agents accountable or responsible for any of your posting, listing or information. Neither shall we, our employees, our officers and agents be held responsible for any illegal activity, misuse or content by any third-party. We don’t find ourselves responsible for distribution, publication and creation of posts and hold no position over editorial control over the description of goods and services provide by a user.

Personal Information and its use

By using our website DealzGuru.com, you agree to our Transfer, Collection, Use and Storage of the personal information made available to us on DealzGuru.com. All the data is stored on our server. It will be further be described in our privacy policy. Once you submit your information to us, you permit us to display required information that we can display and anyone can access. You also accept that we can send and you receive promotional communication from us. You can ask a question about our policy on DealzGuru.com

You also agree to that any personal data and/or information to any agent or advertiser defined directly or indirectly to DealzGuru and/or its associate company or subsidiaries.

General Terms

The listing policy or AUP may anytime be updated by us. You may be notified by any such updates via posts or via communication through emails. The Listing Policy and/or AUP come into effect immediately after posting it. If we or our corporate are/is involved in any sort of acquisition or merger, some of the personal information can be shared with other company and the AUP will continue to apply.

Third Party Services and Content:

There may be certain links on the website provided and operated by other websites that may be provided by DealzGuru. Any site that the user views through this link is completely at its own risk and subject the Policy as well as terms and conditions of the website. It completely becomes user’s responsibility to protect itself and its data from any virus, malware or defective file.

DealzGuru holds no such representations, warranty and/or holds any endorsement to such website linked on DealzGuru and/or appearing on the product and services thereon.

Further, any user’s interaction with the individual and/or organization found through delivery of goods and service that covers payment, representation or warranty and/or services associated with any sort of dealing is/are solely dependent or between the individual and/or organization. Any user, before preceding any online/offline transaction, has to make all appropriate and/or necessary investigations about the linked websites or any third-party.


Any User should have consent for the indemnity. The DealzGuru holds its subsidiaries, officers, successors, affiliates, assigns, agents, directors, employees, suppliers; service providers claim it all harmlessly without any demand that covers court fees and attorney fees reasonably made available by third-party due to arising submission of content by the user. Any breach of TOU, Violation of other rights services provided by other users and/or any sort of representation herein will be considered violation of other’s rights.

Jurisdiction and Laws Governed

The Listing Policy and the AUP shall be constructed and governed according to the laws of the Republic of India and Delhi court holds jurisdiction on all the disputes and matters related to the sites.

Make an Offer/Buy Now Terms

Buyers’ Assurance by DealzGuru

An offer to the amount to be made by an individual for the product you need to pay.

Once you accept the offer, an online payment can be made by us.

Our logistic partner will deliver the listed and purchased item to your address. Once the delivery is done to the address, the seller will release the payment.

Our Buy Now option gives a quick sale option to you that simply imply your consent of buying the enlisted product. The payment will be notified about our facilitation of the payment. Once you make payment to using our available payment methods, complete delivery will be scheduled by us. Select “Make an offer” mode if you want to negotiate for the enlisted product.

Convenience fee and Promotional Discounts

For buyers:

The applicable fee is completely dependent on the Weight, City, Price and category of the item that it falls into. To know more about the applicable charges, connect with us via DealzGuru.com

The Buyer will be charged Rs. 200 as penalty against any cancellation after making the payment.

For sellers:

The applicable fee is completely dependent on the Weight, City, Price and category of the item that it falls into. Connect with us to know complete detail over product pricing.

Important Points to be considered: DealzGuru reserves all the right to make changes in the discounts and fees any point of time without prior intimation.

Once the payment is made and the buyer initiates any order or product cancellation, the penalty of Rs 200 will be charged from the buyer.

Mobile Buy Back Guarantee:

  1. For Mobile Phone: Guaranteed buy back is applicable.
  2. Guaranteed buy back applies in case pays online using the mode of payment made available by DealzGuru and/or in case of self flow/pickup.
  3. Guaranteed buy back applies in particular selected cities like: Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai.
  4. Any Transaction made offline doesn’t hold guaranteed buy back.
  5. Guaranteed buy back applies only for limited time period. User has to avail the offer within the offer time period.
  6. Guaranteed buy back applies over the selected smart phone brands such as- Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Apple, Vivo, Oppo and One Plus. These offers don’t cover Featured Phones.
  7. Transaction and Charges are applicable for Pickup and Regular Doorstep.
  8. For product that is purchased online, DealzGuru doesn’t hold any certification and liability towards them.
  9. The buyback price may vary on the basis of condition of phone, time it has been in use and other relevant factors. To know more about relevant factors, connect with DealzGuru team via connect@dealzguru.com.
  10. DealzGuru, without any prior notification, bears all the rights to Withdraw, Tweak and/or stop the offer and guaranteed buyback at any point of time.

If you have any doubt or feel unclear about something, our DealzGuru Team can help you provide you the right information. Connect with our DealzGuru Team via our Official DealzGuru Email Address connect@dealzguru.com. DealzGuru thanks you for giving your precious time and finding us capable to provide you information that you are seeking on www.dealzguru.com.