Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of our website aware website users about our liability towards handling our personal information. We share use and collect all personal information to assist DealzGuru for keeping our users and safe from an unexpected threat. In formal terms, the DealzGuru works through its subsidiaries.

All the information that is posted on DealzGuru is available publicly to all. Our services are available throughout the world. Any personal information that you provide to us is completely based on your consent or providing us with your information and its storage is our server. The following information that we collect from our users: Email Address, Telephone number, Sign-up & Sign-in data and physical address. We may also ask for financial information only in case you make payment via our website.

Our website uses cookies and Ad Content to improve the functioning of the website and traffic as well. You may disable the cookies at any point in time.

IMEI number and users’ IP address are standard web log information that we collect.

All the information whether it is personal or not is intended to provide services like:
• Troubleshooting problems, collecting fees and resolving disputes
• We enforce our policies towards encouraging safe trade.
• We measure user’s interest, customize their experience and update user about our services.
• Share promotional and marketing information and offers to you.
• Communication through marketing and promotional offers to you


All the information that DealzGuru acquires or contains is strictly confidential and DealzGuru doesn’t or won’t disclose any confidential information with any third-party or external organization.

The privacy of the user is very important to us. We, at any point in time, don’t and won’t rent or sell any personal information to any organization or third-party consent.

DealzGuru also holds all the rights to use the user’s personal information for judicial process and/or investigation in case of any fraud account or transaction.

Any personal information can be disclosed towards the enforcement of policies, responds to the postings and/or violation of the rights of content or to protect the safety and the rights.

Modification, Access and Deletion of Information:

Any information that you provide us through account status or your posts on our website, you can easily make changes, erase or see that information. If you find any information that is provided by you isn’t available to us, you can contact our Team on The information may be available to you with certain charges as permitted by law. Once the information is no longer required, we delete the information.

Confidentiality of Information: Any user who uses DealzGuru and/or features accept and agree that they have been fully informed by DealzGuru about leads and features that lead to the publication of the content on the website. The user further agrees to the consequences of posting wrong information and betterment of posting the authentic information. All the user also accepts terms and conditions and privacy policy of DealzGuru.

Data Security: There is a number of mechanisms (Physical Security, Passwords and Encryptions for protecting the integrity and security of the information against any disclosure and/or unauthorized access. We don’t guarantee any data transmission with complete security and we don’t warrant or assure such data security. We assure that we take all reasonable and effective measures/steps and try to keep user’s data safe and secure.

General Privacy Policy and Information: We may upgrade, update and/or modify (Fully and/or partially) these terms and conditions & policy at any point in time. All the updates will be effective until the next update is released. If any of our corporate affiliates are involved in any sort of acquisition or merger, we may use personal information to share with that company but policy still applies. To know more, connect with our team via