Is A Gel Memory Foam Pillow Good For A Cervical Patient?

Without a good night’s sleep, the entire next day goes to waste. There are countless varieties of memory foam pillows available in the market. However, many advanced make come with diverse add-on features. Cool gel pillows are one such innovation that takes the heat away to provide a cool relaxing sleep overnight. These Cooling pillows are also known as “chillows,” and use advanced materials to enable maximum airflow throughout and prevent overheating during the night.

At times you must have noticed that despite sleeping in a cool room and turning the temperature down a notch, the pillow keeps emitting heat leading to a lot of sweat accumulation that triggers a great deal of discomfort robbing sleepers of a good night rest.

In order to address this situation, cool gel pillows were introduced in the market for sleepers who sweat in the night. Placing your head on a cool pillow can bring a huge relief and enable an ultimate shuteye.

There’s nothing like gel-infused memory foam pillows augmented with a soft supportive contoured design that gently take the shape of your head to cradle your head comfortably without putting too much strain on your neck.

Gel infused Memory foam pillows are the best orthopedic pillows

These pillows provide the right stability and support for your head and lower back. These are made from hypoallergenic memory foam material to maintain an ultra fresh feel. Gel memory foam pillow is an enhanced version of memory foam pillows that come with ventilated fillings, encapsulated with gel to wick away moisture effectively. Gel pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes to keep your body and head cooler under any given room condition.

With the help of gel pillows, you’ll be able to attain deep sleep in those hot summer nights. But, with varying seasons, market innovators keep in mind the contrasting climate and keep one side infused with gel and the other side capable of retaining the extra warmth during winters; thereby assimilating the warm and cool feature into a single product in form of a gel pillow.

About Sleepsia

Sleepsia is one such innovative product that aims of staying ahead of its counterparts in the market by bringing the latest innovations in sleeping solution to the customer. Their product use best quality memory foam meant to last for years and is ideal for all types of sleepers be it back sleepers or side and stomach sleepers. The Scientifically and ergonomically courted wave design in a 2 in 1 pillow give you a choice of two different heights at both the ends so you can place your neck at the desired height.

The material “remembers” the curve of your head and shapes in an adaptive way according to the weight of your head with the right balance of firmness and cushy comfort.

The pillow uses an organic ventilated inner jersey cover to maintain good ventilation and a patterned zipped outer cover that’s easy to maintain and is washable. Those who are sensitive to airborne contaminations These pillows are antimicrobial and anti-allergic.

Sleepsia promises to provide a luxurious hotel-like experience from their double-sided gel design. But, comfort is not the only advantage with Sleepsia gel infused memory foam pillows. They are ideal for patients suffering from neck and back pain as well as for those with chronic conditions resulting from spine and disc problems, Osteoarthritis, Compressed nerves, and Fibromyalgia.

Yogesh Kumar