How can I Resolve the Sage 50 Pervasive Error?

Sage 50 Pervasive Error is the most common error, which frequently arises in the user’s system. With this article, the user can get the best solutions steps to resolve the error. Error: its database Sage 50 cannot connect to Pervasive on a system. PSQL Pervasive is not processing or requires being restarted error. Due to Pervasive database installation failed, the user faces this error. Our Sage 50 Tech Support Team of professional is available 24*7 for them.

What are the causes of the Sage 50 Pervasive Error?

  • Due to stopped Pervasive service on the server
  • Not capable to ping the server
  • Due blocking program of Firewall
  • The inaccurate server name in.LOC PVSW file
  • Network server set to Public on Server or workstation
  • DFS (Using distributed file system) for map drive
  • Damage (WMI) Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Wrong data path on the workplace (System)
  • Workstations and Server on different versions

How can I resolve the Sage 50 Pervasive Error?

Resolution 1: Data path Incorrect

  • The user needs to correct the data path as soon as possible.

Resolution 2: Stopped Pervasive

  • On the server, select Start, then run or press Windows plus R keys
  • Go into the network server, choose the start and press Windows plus R keys to run the process
  • Type of service.MSC and choose ok
  • Right tick on the PSQL Pervasive Workgroup Engine
  • Choose the stop and right tick on PSQL Pervasive Workgroup Engine
  • Choose the start and authenticate that the user can open the program with no mistake on the workstation

Resolution 3: Firewall settings

  • Firewall configuration to grants the company file for Sage 50—U.S. Edition; and check and verify the error.

Resolution 4: Blank or incorrect network server name in PVSW.LOC file

  • Data path needs to browse and open the PVSW.LOC file in notepad
  • Incorrect server needed to replace with the right server name.

Resolution 5: Communication problem in the server network

  • The user needs to ping the system workstation by name
  • At the server, pings the workstation by name
  • If the user receives the timeout request during following steps, they can directly approach us on our Sage 50 tech Support Number.

Resolution 6: Network set to Public on Server or workstation 

  • Choose the start and select the Control Panel
  • Choose the Sharing Center and Network
  • Authenticate that their network is not clear as public

Important Note: If the network server connection is configured on the public, it could be possible that the firewall exception may be configured for another profile like Private or Domain.

  • They can call us to assign the server connection to the suitable network profile or insert exceptions to the firewall for the relevant profile like in anticipation of the error is address.

Resolution 7: IP Address drive Mapped

  • Cut off the mapped drive
  • Remap using the server’s name the drive

Resolution 8: Corrupt Database Pervasive on server

  • The user can correct the Corrupt Database Pervasive on the server and authenticate that they can now open the company data file.

Resolution 9: With DFS for a mapped drive

  • The user can use DFS mapped drive

Resolution 10: Workstations and server on diverse versions

  • Make sure that the server and workstation are on the same version and update. In case it is not available they can apply the latest update to the network server and all the system. The user can see the update by going to check for Updates and service in the application.

Resolution 11: WMI Damaged

  • Hold the windows key plus R
  • Go into Run Box and write eventvwr
  • Chose OK
  • Chose Windows Logs, and click on an application
  • If the user sees mistake messages referencing WMI, they will require consulting their Microsoft Support or professional.

Sage 50 Pervasive Error is completely a technical issue and the resolution requires few levels of expertise. If a user needs technical help, they can call on our Sage 50 technical Support Number by dialing our toll-free number. They will give an instant response to their system.

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