Fix Posting Error in Sage 300 (Accpac) With 9 Resolution Steps

It could be multiple chances when the users are facing the Posting Error in Sage 300 while using the software. The user might have experienced a posting error message, as a result, the user stops at the very crucial point and restart again. Posting Error in Sage 300 can arises on any of the tools user, as well as accounts payable, general ledger and receivable. In this blog, we will discuss the error and its resolution. Anytime the user can call on Sage 50 tech Support number.

How does Posting Error in Sage 300 happen?

This error happens anytime, due to multiple reasons. Some of few are describing into below points:

  • An inactive year or Posting transactions on a locked
  • It is already present in the computer at the time of posting the invoice
  • The total amount invoice and the total amount of details do not match in accounts receivable
  • The number of a customer is not active, as the result the user is facing the error.
  • Posting in future date (the upcoming year) for general ledger, and so on.

If the user is facing the error, the best way to resolve their error for the first time or the want appropriate help, call our Sage 50 technical Support Number to talk our associate.

How to resolve the Posting Error in Sage 300?

It is simple to print a posting report which can offer us information where the error has occurred.

Error: Inactive Year or Posting to a locked

Resolution 1: The user can review to confirm that they are posting the correct year. If so the user will require going to common services, activate the year/ Fiscal Calendar to unlock.

Error: Already exist Invoice xxxx

Resolution 2:  The user has already used that invoice number for that merchant.  The user can review the duplicating the entry. If not, the user can add a number/letter at the end of the invoice which will still support them to identify the payment to the invoice.

Error: The net distributed amount for batch xxxx is not equal to the Net invoice amount

Resolution 3: The user can review the taxes, entry, and totals to find the discrepancy

Error: The all amount information does not Equal Total Amount of Invoice Error Is established       

Resolution 4: The error arises during the tax authority and it is set to use standard cost and the product is set to a unit price of $0 in an order. It is incorrect and it requires fixing as soon as possible.

Error: Customer number is inactive, Cannot process document         

Resolution 5: Make sure the user is set to active. If so, and the user still gets this issue, there is the concern with the ARCUS table that requires to be checked by their partner.

Error: Already exists Document Number XXXXXX     

Resolution 6: If the user is getting the error, they need to exit the module.

  • Go into the option and Document next number needs to change.
  • The user needs to enter the manual document in the earlier period.
  • Click on the next and select the sequential number.
  • If the is already been used, the user needs to skip the ahead one number.
  • Common Posting Errors & Fixes in General Ledger (GL Error Batch)

Error: Future year cannot post   

Resolution 7: Make a new economic year in the economic Year Calendar in ordinary Services.

Error:  locked fiscal period XX cannot post   

Resolution 8: The user needs to select unlock fiscal period or the user needs to change the JE to an open economic period.

Error: Not on the Control Account’s XXXX eligible list, Journal Detail source ledger XX   

Resolution 9: The user can review the setting of GL Account and add the source ledger that the user wants to post to control account.

Each Posting Error in Sage 300 can be fixed by the above resolution steps. For any further assistance, the user can call on Sage 50 Technical Support Number to talk to the experts. The Sage professionals are available 24/7 for direction on the posting issue as well as on anything associated to the software.

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